Our Team

Dean Carlson
Dean Carlson, PE - President
Joseph Parsley
Joseph Parsley, PE, CPESC – Vice President
Civil Engineering
Casey Wilder
Casey Wilder, PE, CPESC – Senior Program Director
Keith Moore
Keith Moore, PE – Lead Project Manager
David Barnett
David Barnett, EI – Lead Project Manager
Brendan Brethel, EI - Project Manager
Mike Dedman
Mike Dedman, Project Manager
Cole Carson, Project Manager
Patricia Godoy, Project Designer
Steve Kendall
Steve Kendall, Project Coordinator
Environmental Landscape Architecture
Chuck Walker
Chuck Walker, PLA – Director of Environmental Services
Earl Beckwith
Earl Beckwith, PLS – Director of Surveying Services
Brian Buchheit
Brian Buchheit, PLS – Project Surveyor
Jake Laxton
Jacob Laxton, FAA – Crew Chief
Jason Laxton, Survey Technician
Design & Drafting
Sarah Buice, Cad Technician
Chip Faulk
Chip Faulk, Cad Technician
Tanya Howell
Tanya Howell, Cad Technician
Adrian Solorzano, Cad Technician
Administrative Support
Corey Orman
Corey Orman, Office Manager