Our Team

Dean Carlson
Dean Carlson, PE - President
Joseph Parsley
Joseph Parsley, PE, CPESC – Vice President
Civil Engineering
Casey Wilder
Casey Wilder, PE, CPESC – Senior Program Director
Keith Moore
Keith Moore, PE – Lead Project Manager
David Barnett
David Barnett, EI – Lead Project Manager
Brendan Brethel, EI - Project Manager
Mike Dedman
Mike Dedman, Project Manager
Cole Carson, Project Manager
Patricia Godoy, Project Designer
Steve Kendall
Steve Kendall, Project Coordinator
Environmental Landscape Architecture
Chuck Walker
Chuck Walker, PLA – Director of Environmental Services
Earl Beckwith
Earl Beckwith, PLS – Director of Surveying Services
Brian Buchheit
Brian Buchheit, PLS – Project Surveyor
Jake Laxton
Jacob Laxton, FAA – Crew Chief
Jason Laxton, Survey Technician
Design & Drafting
Sarah Buice, Cad Technician
Chip Faulk
Chip Faulk, Cad Technician
Tanya Howell
Tanya Howell, Cad Technician
Adrian Solorzano, Cad Technician
Administrative Support
Corey Orman
Corey Orman, Office Manager
Rachel Felix, Administrative Assistant